Make music while you write.
Typatone is an online instrument by Lullatone and Jono Brandel that is a text to tone converter. Make sentences into symphonies and morse code music.

play online at

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An Introduction to Typatone


Patatap is an interactive instrument that lets you create compositions (animations and melodies together) with your computer keyboard or tablet device.
It was masterminded by Jono Brandel (design and development) and Lullatone (sounds and some ideas).

play online at www.patatap.com

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Dropophone App

We made a free app for the iPhone.
You can make your own lullatone song.

If you have time, please rate it or make a comment on iTunes.
We’d be super happy to see what everyone thinks!

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Raindrop Melody Maker


We developed a new interactive game, Raindrop Melody Maker, with our friends Secondary School.
Click the image above to play and make your own little song about raindrops.