Dropophone App

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We made a free app for the iPhone.
You can make your own lullatone song.

If you have time, please rate it or make a comment on iTunes.
We’d be super happy to see what everyone thinks!

Here is the info:

Create your own minimalist melodies with this easy and enchanting app.
Based on Lullatone’s album “Little Songs About Raindrops,” Dropophone allows you to make songs that sound like drips and drops falling on a tiny orchestra of instruments.
Pressing the multi-colored raindrops triggers notes that loop every six seconds.
Combine different colored drops and notes to compose your own rainy-day melodic backdrops. A metronome is also included to help you keep time.
It is super simple. Simple is magic!

Screen shots:

Special thanks:

Yosuke Hayashi: Programming
Secondary School: Original Design
Takeshi Ishibashi: Design for the iPhone
Shin Yamauchi: Direction
Taichi Manabe: Direction