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Here are some songs we made for winter. We think they might make a nice soundtrack for:

• watching your breath come out like little clouds
• catching a cold
• revisiting a book you’ve already read (or were supposed to have read at school)
• warming your hands on coffee mugs
• pulling a scarf all the way up to your nose
• soup
• “old people hobbies”
• hibernating
released February 4, 2014

Lullatone are:
Shawn James Seymour – melodies and putting Nina to sleep
Yoshimi Seymour – quietly singing “aa aa aa” and putting Niko to sleep

with help from:
Yoshihiro Tsuchie – three stringed bass on track number 3

Illustration by Anna Kövecses

Layout help from Ryouta Ebina at Sundwich Inc

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