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Here is the Lullatone EP for Spring.
We think it could be a good soundtrack for:

• living with the philosophy that “every basket is a picnic basket”
• spraying allergy medicine into your nose
• debating whether or not to share your lunch with a pigeon
• saying “Spring Break Forever” like James Franco in that movie
• really regretting you started spring cleaning half way in
• wholeheartedly looking for four leaf clovers
• short sleeves
• forgetting it still gets cold at night

Lullatone are:
Shawn James Seymour – music and loading the car
Yoshimi Seymour – humming, singing “ba da ba ba” and packing lunch

with help from:
a lot of birds in the park by our house

Tateishi Souta – humming, singing and whistling
Angus Rofe, Shinya Sugio, Motoshi Nakayama, Yoshihiro Ishigaki – whistling on track 10

and special guest:
Niko Seymour – whistling like a person and whistling like a bird

Mastering by Lawrence English at 158
Layout help from Evina Ryouta at Sundwich Inc.
Illustration by Pui Lee ( )

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