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“Lullatone are back with their latest conceptual pop masterpiece, ‘The Bedtime Beat’. This new 10 song mini-album finds the duo not only further perfecting their blend of self proclaimed pajama pop, but also taking it into new uncharted waters, literally.

The albums opens with the infectious ‘Bathtime Beat’ which features a drum solo of tapping water in a bathtub! Other interesting sounds to be found on the record include a bed tapped to to sound like a bass drum, snores cut up into hynopticbreathy drum beats, Yoshimi’s human beatbox, marching in slippers and a full cast of toy instruments and soft sine tones intricately arranged into tiny little dazzling melodies recorded half at home and half in a music room at a Japanese elementary school.

This is both Lullatone’s strangest and most pop album yet and a future classic for sure. So come on everybody let’s march to sleep with the new sound of the bedtime beat! “