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We think this could be a good soundtrack for:

• ice cold drinks (with foam things around them to keep them extra cool)
• anything by a pool
• just cruising on a skateboard (without too many technical tricks)
• making sun tea
• bonus juice at the bottom of your shaved ice
• itching after sitting in a patch of really really green grass
• making a funny sound while walking around in flip flops
• sweating
• eating dinner outside
• hammock naps
• spraying a friend with a garden hose
• wishing you were wearing more clothes in the freezer section of the supermarket
• pretty much anything involving a backyard – and –
• eating way too much watermelon

Lullatone are:
Shawn James Seymour – music
Yoshimi Seymour – singing on the songs with wordswith help from:
Yoshihiro Tsuchie – clarineo on #6
Shinya Sugio – background vocals on #8

chorus and tongue clicks on #6 by our afternoon ping pong in the park club:
Shinya Sugio, Atsuko Sugio, Aki Naruji, Evina Ryouta, Keico Matsunaga, Naoko Mizota, Yumi Ozeki, Yoshihiro Ishigaki

and special guest:
Yoshiko Tomida (Yoshimi’s mom!) – background vocals on #8

Mastering by Lawrence English at 158
Layout help from Evina Ryouta at Sundwich Inc.
Illustration by Ruby Taylor

Recorded at home in Nagoya, Japan
(and a little bit in the pool at the Hilton, Guam)


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