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  • Mihwa says:

    Hi! Did you guys make this awesome song? Is this your voice,Yoshimi? When my American husband and I visited a Lopia in Chiba last month we became big fans of it and even after we came back to Korea we can’t stop humming it! A few days ago he found this page and now we’re playing it again and again. It’s so cute and makes us happy! Thanks!


  • Shawn says:

    Hi Mihwa,

    Thank you! Yes we made the music and Yoshimi is signing (her little brother and other little brother’s wife are singing back up in the chorus). We don’t have Lopia here in Nagoya, so maybe we have to go to Chiba to finally hear it in real life.

    dreaming of delicious Korean food,

  • Paul says:

    Man, I’m super bummed we can’t hear this song anymore, Mihwa and I used it as our morning routine in Korea. We still goto Japan every once in a while and visit the local Lopia. We even have a stupid dance, (that we tend to do in the market) ppl think we’re crazy. Just wanted to again let you guys know that this tune brings us great joy!!! At any rate, keep up the good work!!!

  • Shawn says:

    Hey Paul, Sorry about accidentally moving this somewhere. If you’d like here is a download link to the track:

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