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Here are some songs we made for autumn. We think they might make a nice soundtrack for:
• introducing more layers into your wardrobe
• discovering an impressive collection of acorns
• watching a cup of hot tea steam up a friend’s glasses
• riding bikes when it is way way too windy
• choosing a rake over a leaf blower
• switching from iced coffee to hot coffee
• eating too many persimmons, sweet potatoes and chestnuts
• “smelling nature”
• walking slower than usual

Lullatone are:
Shawn James Seymour – making music and breakfast
Yoshimi Seymour – singing a little bit and making lunch and dinner

with help from:
Ryouta Ebina – melodica, whistling, chorus
Shinya Sugio – whistling, chorus
Ai Hasunuma – whistling, chorus
Nagisa Shima – whistling, chorus
Natsumi Ebiko – chorus
Tomohiro Yasui – chorus
Wataru Yasue – chorus
Makiko Suzuki – chorus
Souta Tateishi – chorus
Ryan Gibeau – whistling
Yoshihiro Tsuchie – super quiet clarineo
Niko Seymour – chorus and telling us which songs are good (or not)

Mastering by Lawrence English at 158

Illustrations by Grace Lee

Layout by Ryouta Ebina at Sundwich Inc


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