Chevrolet: Like to Love

Chevrolet: Like to Love

directed by The Mercadantes

CenturyLink TV

CenturyLink TV

Custom song for CenturyLink

Anthroplogie “Holiday Card”

Anthroplogie “Holiday Card”

song and sound effects for Anthropologie’s cute animated holiday card


Lowes – Summer TV Campaign

Short song for Lowes summer TV campaign (various commercials)

VW “Smiles” TV Ad

VW “Smiles” TV Ad

We made a special track for VW’s heartwarming Smiles campaign

Anthropology – Online Card

Custom song and sound effects for Anthopologie

Carkcho – Online Ad

Music and more for app makers Carkcho

Mizkan – TV Commercial

Custom song for Mikan Furikaki’s TV commercial in Japan.

Lopia – Supermarket Jingle

Japanese supermarket music

Target – School of Baby

Music for a series of spots for Target aimed at new parents.

WowWow – TV Idents

Short melodies for WowWow’s Film Night idents

Adobe – Online Ad

Adobe licensed an early version of our song for this awesome PSD commercial.

Laurier – Website Music

Looping melody for Laurier’s online campaign.

Levis – Film Workshop Idents

Various sonic experimentations for Levis’ Film Workshop

Toshiba – TV Commercial

Music for Toshiba’s LED TV commercial in Japan.

Client Work

Here are a few of the special songs we’ve made for clients in the past.