Raindrop Melody Maker


We developed a new interactive game, Raindrop Melody Maker, with our friends Secondary School.
Click the image above to play and make your own little song about raindrops.


  1. Ian

    This is incredible! I love it!

  2. Shawn,

    This is awesome.
    I can make my very own lullatone jams!

    be well,

  3. I can play on this all day!

  4. This is sooo sweet ^_^

  5. gwendolina

    this is just beautiful, i love it!

  6. It is lovely : )

  7. irene

    this is fun.

  8. this is absolutely wonderful. i love it.

  9. Yoshimi and Shawn,

    This is the most beautiful thing we have ever seen. Thank you for allowing us to create our own magical beats. There is no way they can compare to yours of course! When is your lullaby album coming? We need more Lullatone.

  10. lullatOne the wOrld !

  11. Geo

    Lull-lull-lull-luving it.

  12. this is delicious to my ears and eyes. I’m having so much fun

  13. Ted

    This is lots of fun, I just started listening to your music. Better late than never =)

  14. Hi!! OMG! it’s awesome! really really i love it!!

  15. Veer

    Love it too!!
    Love all of your songs!!


  16. PB

    It is lovely : )

  17. the visual is equally as alluring as the melody :-)

  18. katse

    omg – that’s really cool! is there any chance to save that little melody afterwards?

  19. Shawn (Author)

    Thanks! Sorry we couldn’t build in the save function. But, maybe you can find some software that lets you capture the audio happening inside your computer? Like screen capture for images.

  20. Beautiful… thanks!

  21. Fred

    It’s a lot like ball droppings. (http://www.balldroppings.com/) Your visuals are a nice touch, too. A different take, both are fun. Thanks for making it!

  22. wonderful!

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