Elevator Music

Lullatone would like to propose a new kind of elevator music –
one that makes you want to snap and clap, and talk to the stranger next to you.
We’d like to feel like floating up and down in a box held up by wires is a magical adventure.
Lately most of the elevators in our city don’t play music, so we imagine songs like these when we ride them.


  1. It’s a beautiful new album! おめでとう!

  2. This is an amazing album in so many ways! You have my thanks.

  3. ashley

    yay! ^-^

  4. LOVE IT! hope to see you again at OFFF this year.

  5. ATA

    Love this.

  6. hello strangers it’s very nice to meet you!

  7. Hi, I found you through the Grain Edit site. This is fantastic! I sat with my husband and two year old and we all loved it. The baby didn’t stop smiling for the whole first half of the album. On track two she moved from clapping to kissing on time…going to buy the album now. You guys are awesome.

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