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Shiseido Interactive Website

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Shiseido and Imaginative Inc. hired us to design the background melody and sound effects for their interactive website Ashita no Watashi.


Shiseido is the largest cosmetics company in Japan and Yoshimi often uses their lotion so we were happy to help! To match the visual’s of mix organic and digital animation we decided to use both analogue and digital sounds in the background music. The main melody is a mix of humming and whistling the way we imagine the girl in the story might sing to her self. And all of the little characters she meets along her way feature sound effects that were tuned to her humming to create a duet between her and her environment. Since the site’s theme revolves around fortune telling, we tried to make the ambiance a bit mysterious. Also, all drum sounds were made from the sounds of balloons to complement that important aspect of the animations theme.

Site Creation: Imaginative Inc.
Coordination: Rightning
All audio: Lullatone Melody Design

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