masking tape on T-shirts

masking tape T-shirt
Bits of colored tape stuck to your clothes can make all kinds of awesome temporary designs!

drinking water in a super clean kitchen

Happy New Year! We finished our end of the year cleaning just in time to start 2010 so fresh. Nothing beats drinking a glass of water in a really super clean kitchen and then washing the glass right away and putting it back up!

deer sweater

Yoshimi’s mom bought this one for her on a trip to Korea. Deer are so sophisticated!

unplanned matching style

Matching on accident is so much better than matching on purpose.

10k races

I finished my first official 10km race (in 46min 13sec !) ,with a cold You have to wear a mask here if you have a cold to not spread around your germs… I wasn’t just pretending to be a dentist.

tag team kisses

Apparently, getting kissed on both cheeks at the same time = double awesomeness!

cardboard house

A fun play place we built (until Nikosaurus toppled it to the ground in the first hour!)

antenna hair

Funny hairstyles after a bath are the best.

favorite color mix

Sky blue, white, red and a touch of yellow!

sprinkler rainbow

(Can you see it? It’s right by Niko’s feet.)
Sprinkler rainbows are magic!