Growing Up

Soundtracks for Everyday Adventures

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Lullatone HQ feature

Our home / studio was recently featured on Herman Miller Lifework & Lifehacker

Alarms & Ringers

We made some new free alarms and ringtones for smart phones. Some are soft for waking up smoothly, some are harsher and some are just funny.


Bell pictogram on the cover via the amazing
The Noun Project

Shawn & Yoshimi

Experiments Around the House

Elevator Music

Lullatone would like to propose a new kind of elevator music –
one that makes you want to snap and clap, and talk to the stranger next to you.
We’d like to feel like floating up and down in a box held up by wires is a magical adventure.
Lately most of the elevators in our city don’t play music, so we imagine songs like these when we ride them.

Photoshop Commercial

Adobe and Hyperakt licensed an early version of our song Checking things Off of a To-Do List Early in the Morning for this awesome Photoshop commercial.

Favorite Stuff Blog

Lately we are also posting about our favorite stuff on Tumblr.

Dropophone iPhone App

We made a FREE APP for the iPhone.
You can make your own lullatone song.

If you have time, please rate it or make a comment on iTunes.
We’d be super happy to see what everyone thinks!

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Spinning Mobile Kit

We made a mobile kit with our good friends ManuMobiles.
It is handmade, and all of the parts can be assembled however you want!

Get you own: $25 (+$3 shipping)