VW Smiles

We composed a custom track for VW’s Smiles campaign.

WowWow: Film Night

We sound tracked 3 idents for WowWow (a popular Japanese cable station) for their nightly film programming: Tuesday Drama, Wednesday Comedy and Thursday Action.

Laurier (ロリエ) Website Music

Dentsu were looking for a poppy and quirky way to make one of the nation’s most popular feminine hygiene product’s name stick.
Always up for a challenge, we saw their stick and upped it to super glue!

The resulting track was used as a loop in their interactive online campaign.

Target: School of Baby

We made the music for this series of spots for Target.
Agency: WK PDX
Direction: Everynone

Photoshop Commercial

Adobe and Hyperakt licensed an early version of our song Checking things Off of a To-Do List Early in the Morning for this awesome Photoshop commercial.

Aol. Ident

Todd St. John and HunterGather hired us to score this ident for Aol’s re-branding.
We carefully timed rolling super balls and glasses at our instruments to help bridge the music to the visual.
We might be the best band in the world at rolling super balls at a xylophone on its side now!

Interactive Alphabet App

We made the music and sound effects for an iPad app called Interactive Alphabet.
Our son Niko loves it!
It is available on the App Store here.

Here are the songs we made for it:

As a bonus, we made them into iPhone ringtones, too!

Lullatone – Interactive Alphabet Ringtones

Parco Website Music

We made the music for Parco Fukuoka’s opening countdown clock. Lots of cutting up and editing small city sounds into a bouncy drum beat.


Site by Puzzle Inc. and SPF Design

KDDI Holiday Music

Christmas and New Year’s songs for KDDI’s holiday web campaign.

Site by NetYear Group

Learnl iPhone App Songs

Learnl hired us to make short opening melodies for their super simple iPhone apps for young children.

Find them on the iTunes Store.